Land Buyers In the Midwest – Some Top Tips to Find Them

Do you have vacant land that you want to sell? Then you’re probably searching right now for land buyers in the Midwest who can buy your raw land. While there are many people who want to buy real estate with a house already on site, you might be having a harder time finding someone to buy … Continued

How Do I Sell My Land To A Developer?

Owning land is pretty easy – it rarely takes a lot of effort. But when you want to sell, that can be a different story. Do you own land and are wondering, “How do I sell my land to a developer”? At Emeritus Land Investments LLC, we’re often asked that question so we wrote this … Continued

Common Land Terminology

1031 Tax Deferred Exchange  If  you will have a capital gain on your land sale,  this may be a way of deferring the (taxable) capital gain  by selling one property and buying another of equal or greater value within certain time frames. By doing a series of 1031 exchanges,  it is possible for a property owner … Continued