What the heck is disintermediation?  Well,  a  short definition is that it is the elimination of the middle man in  transactions.  As you can imagine, the internet has caused a lot of that to be going on.  It’s the internet that has enabled us to deal more directly with each other, so that the provider of a service and the user of a service can  hook up directly without the assistance of a  connecting  entity.  At Emeritus Land Investments, that’s what we do!

Uber  and Lyft  are prime examples of disintermediation.   The person needing a ride deals directly with the person with the car, without  needing the intervention of  a  taxi company.  Another example is Air B&B.  The consumer and the provider deal direclty with each other,  without  having to resort to a go-between.  You can probably think of many other examples.  When you deal with Emeritus Land Investments without going through a real estate broker, that’s what you do.  Buyer and seller  deal direct, with  no wasted time, effort, or money wasted on third parties.

Brokers  have their own axe to grind.  They don’t necessarily  have the interest of the seller or the buyer at heart, but may be primarily interested in their own commission and careers.